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Activists Caught - Digitaki Sought for Statement
By Fijilive
Jan 29, 2007 - 4:38:51 PM

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Heffernan made a public statement last week that she was in hiding because she feared the military. This was answered by military assurances she was safe and allegations her disappearance was to generate publicity.

Apprehended at the same hotel was Fiji Law Society President Tupou Draunidalo, who is also is being interrogated. The new military regime has failed so far to win full support of the judiciary in Fiji. Some lawyers and judges continue to maintain the new government is illegal and do not support the claim that the military took charge due to an emergency and acted legally under the constitution.

Still on the run is Laisa Digitaki, who has said from hiding that she is now under the protection of the United Nations and is dealing directly with the Office of the UN High Commissioner in Geneva. Among other things, she is wanted for questioning about her statement, published on FWN, which recounted her detention at Suva’s Queen Elizabeth Barracks on Christmas morning.

A court Monday refused to issue a bench warrant issued for Digitaki on a charge of staging an unlawful procession. Her lawyer told the court that Digitaki was hiding from the military and would not appear. The judge accepted his argument.

Laisa Digitaki is charged with Pita Waqavonovono, Jacque Koroi, Unaisa Damuru and Tura Lewai for holding a demonstration by waving Fiji flags outside the Great Council of Chiefs meeting last month.
- Fijilive

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